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Retail Store Accidents

You expect that the premises of a store will be safe. While you’re out shopping, you’re not thinking about looking for hazards around you; you’re looking at the products on the shelves. In fact, you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time being wary of ways you could get hurt. Property owners who invite the public in and who profit from those visitors have a legal responsibility to inspect their property for ways that someone could be injured and, if they determine that something could be unsafe, to repair it.

If business owners don’t carry out these duties competently, they may be forced to pay for the injuries that result. If you’ve been hurt in a retail store accident in Kentucky, you may have a right to money damages for your medical expenses and pain and suffering. Immediately after an injury, contact the compassionate and experienced Louisville premises liability lawyers at the Slechter Law Firm to discuss whether you should take legal action.

Store owners’ duty to keep premises safe

Retail stores have a duty to keep their premises reasonably safe from any hazards that could cause injury to customers. These hazards can include dangers caused by other customers, the results of a storm, or even dangers caused by negligence from the store’s employees themselves. Customers can become seriously hurt by:

  • Falling objects from poorly-stocked shelves or displays
  • Food or drink spilled by fellow customers
  • Stairs that are damaged or lack a railing
  • Tears or holes in carpet or flooring, causing a tripping hazard
  • Snow, ice, or rainwater that is not removed from slippery floors or walkways

Retail store accidents can cause serious injuries

Not all accidents in retail stores will result in major injuries; a simple slip-and-fall may not cause more than bruising or a few scrapes. On rare occasion, however, a retail store accident will leave the victim with injuries that could have a serious impact on their life for months or even years into the future. These injuries include:

  • Bruised ribs
  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Ligament and soft tissue strains and tears
  • Lacerations and deep cuts
  • Spinal injuries

Injuries such as these are painful and can require months of medical attention and rehabilitation to properly treat. You may also have to spend time off work to fully heal from your injuries. You shouldn’t be saddled with these expenses because a store owner failed to keep their property safe for their customers. In fact, you deserve to be compensated by that negligent property owner.

Get help seeking money damages for your injuries in Louisville retail stores

If you’ve been hurt in a slip-and-fall or other accident in a Kentucky store, speak with an experienced lawyer about your legal options to be compensated for injuries you’ve received. In Louisville, contact the dedicated and compassionate premises liability lawyers at the Slechter Law Firm for a free consultation on your possible lawsuit, at 502-384-7400.

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