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Help with Interstate Auto Accidents from Dedicated Kentucky and Indiana Attorneys in Louisville

Getting into an accident is a stressful, often physically painful, and always expensive event in a person’s life. When that accident happens in a different state from the one in which you’re licensed and insured, or involves a driver licensed in another state, trying to recover compensation can become even more complicated and stressful. Rather than attempting to handle such a claim on your own, enlist experienced legal help in obtaining the damages you deserve. Contact the Louisville personal injury lawyers at the Slechter Law Firm for a consultation on your out-of-state accident claims.

Don’t put your claims at risk by handling them alone

States vary as to whether they follow fault or no-fault rules on insurance coverage in accidents, as well as the mandatory amount of coverage. While Kentucky’s laws require a certain minimum amount of coverage for another driver’s injuries in a crash, those of Indiana are different. Likewise, the laws regarding speed limits and distracted driving vary from state to state, and may also have an impact on a claim for damages. Additionally, there are the complexities of tracking down a driver who lives in a different state to serve them with a lawsuit. Even deciding on the state’s courts in which you can file a lawsuit for damages can be complex, and the state you choose may end up having an effect on how long you have to file a claim before the statute of limitations expires. These are the sorts of challenges that even experienced attorneys may find challenging, let alone someone without legal experience.

Experience in Kentucky and Indiana law

At Slechter Law, our Louisville personal injury attorneys understand the complexities of litigating a car accident claim that occurred outside of Kentucky, or involved a driver from across state lines. In fact, our attorneys are licensed to practice law in Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee, and our knowledge of the laws in both states makes us uniquely able to handle claims either on your behalf as a Kentucky resident involved in an Indiana crash, or against an Indiana resident here in Kentucky. Choose an attorney who will be able to handle your claim personally in either Kentucky or Indiana and won’t need to hand off your case to another attorney whom you haven’t come to know and trust with your claims.

Help is Available for Interstate Auto Accidents in Kentucky and Indiana

For assistance with a crash occurring in another state, or with a driver from out of state, contact the diligent, dedicated, and effective Louisville personal injury and car accident attorneys at the Slechter Law Firm for a consultation, at 502-384-7400.

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