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What is elder abuse or neglect?

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Elder abuse can take many forms. Elder abuse can be intentional, physical abuse, or emotional abuse of an elderly person who is in a physically compromised, sometimes mentally compromised state. Elder abuse can also just involve neglect. Signs of neglect are things like pressure ulcers, broken bones, mysterious bruises and scars, dehydration, malnutrition. All of these things point to neglect and abuse in a nursing home.

For loved ones of the victim, the important things to do are to listen to your senses, your eyes, your ears and your nose. What are they telling you about the condition in which that person, your loved one is living and if things are right, if red flags are being raised, it’s important to notify the administration of the nursing home, of the problems that you’ve perceived. It’s also important to contact an attorney if you believe that your loved one has been harmed by nursing home abuse or neglect.

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