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How can I tell if my loved one is being subjected to elder abuse or neglect?

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If you suspect your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, there are several things you can do. One, you can be present, you can be there to ensure that your loved one is getting the care that he or she should be receiving. You can also interact with the nursing staff, monitor their actions. Are they coming in frequently enough? Are they turning and repositioning your loved one as they should be? Are they ensuring that your loved one is getting adequate nutrition, adequate fluids?

If your dissatisfied with the care that is being provided, you can register a complaint with the administrator or the director of nursing at the facility. You also have the right to speak to someone with the state investigative agency such as the Ombudsmen, the inspector general’s office.

If your complaints are not resolved, not addressed and the problems are serious, then by all means, consult an attorney who is experienced in dealing with nursing home abuse and neglect.

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