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Playground Accident Law Firm - Slechter Law Firm

Children & Playground Injuries – What You Can Do To Protect Your Children

By Slechter Law Firm |

Playgrounds are a great outlet for kids, providing a space for physical activity and exercise, creativity, and social interaction. And while there is no doubt that play is a key part of healthy growth–both physically and mentally–every year, thousands of children are harmed on playgrounds throughout the United States. If you are a parent… Read More »

Truck Accidents Lawyers

Steps to Take After an Accident

By Slechter Law Firm |

It’s your worst nightmare come true when a car or truck comes out of nowhere and causes a serious auto accident. Now, you not only have to deal with costly car repairs but may also have severe and debilitating injuries that require medical treatment and lost time from work. What just happened wasn’t your… Read More »

medical malpractice lawyer

Does a Physical Check-up Guarantee a Diagnosis?

By Slechter Law Firm |

If recent studies are correct, you may be putting entirely too much faith in that annual physical examination with your primary care physician or healthcare specialist. Even if you faithfully show up each calendar year to have a doctor listen to your heart, poke at your abdomen, check your reflexes, look at your throat,… Read More »

dog bite case louisville

Do I Have a Dog Bite Case?

By Slechter Law Firm |

Each year, thousands of Americans are bitten by animals, often dogs. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs annually in this country, and nearly 1 in 5 of those bites becomes infected. If you are bitten or in any way harmed by another person’s dog, that… Read More »

medical malpractice law in louiville

Birth Injuries Caused by Medical Malpractice

By Slechter Law Firm |

You count on healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality medical care. This is especially true for those involved in delivering babies and other pregnancy-related matters. If your child has suffered irreparable harm due to the preventable error of a medical professional, that provider should be held accountable. Whether your obstetrician failed to perform certain tests… Read More »

What Should I Do Immediately After a Car Accident?

Do I Need to Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident?

By Slechter Law Firm |

Car accidents are traumatic experiences. Even what is a considered a fender bender can cause injuries, conflict, and inconvenience due to various types of damages. You might think that you should try to handle your case on your own, but there are several reasons why you should consider working with an experienced Kentucky attorney… Read More »

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

By Slechter Law Firm |

When you choose a nursing home for a family member, you trust that you are placing your loved one in safe and secure hands. You might be reluctant to admit that something isn’t right when signs of abuse appear, but these cases are becoming all too common. Elderly individuals have as much right as… Read More »

personal injury on college campus

Injuries Suffered on a College Campus – Who is Responsible?

By Slechter Law Firm |

For many young adults in Kentucky, the time spent at college represents some of the greatest years of their lives. Indeed, the college setting allows students the chance to expand their knowledge both in and out of the classroom, and have incredible experiences while they find a new path away from home. In some… Read More »

truck accident lawyer

Commercial Truck Accidents

By Slechter Law Firm |

Devastating truck accidents are unfortunately common in the Bluegrass State. To be sure, statistics provided in the 2015 Kentucky Traffic Collision Facts report show that a total of 9,932 trucks were involved in accidents on Kentucky roadways during that year, with 108 of these leading to fatalities, and many more causing serious injuries. Of course, because of the… Read More »

medical malpractice

Kentucky Court of Appeals Rules in Favor of Medical Review Panels for Malpractice Cases

By Slechter Law Firm |

On Nov. 10, the Kentucky Court of Appeals ruled in favor of allowing Medical Review Panels for medical malpractice cases. The ruling was a stay of the Oct. 30 ruling by the Franklin Circuit Court, which determined that the new Medical Review Panel law was unconstitutional. Medical Review Panels for Malpractice Cases In early 2017, Kentucky… Read More »