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Car & truck accidents require an experienced Louisville auto accident attorney

Auto accidents happen fast. But the effects can sometimes last a lifetime, especially for people dealing with 18-wheeler accidents. In an instant, you can sustain a life-altering injury due to someone else’s reckless behavior. Suddenly, you might be faced with staggering medical bills, automobile repair expenses and uncooperative insurance companies. At the Slechter Law Firm, we have years of experience helping people injured in an auto or truck accident get their lives back on track in Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana.

If You’ve Been Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident

Auto accidents happen for a wide range of reasons. Often, driver negligence is to blame. Drivers can make innocent mistakes. But in many cases, accidents caused by another driver can be traced back to different types of reckless driving, including hit and run accidents. Other common forms of reckless driving include speeding and drunk driving accidents. By holding careless or inattentive drivers responsible for their actions, you can help prevent these accidents in the future.

Serious accidents demand serious attention. Seek justice. Contact us now

In recent years, texting and cell phone accident injuries have become increasingly common. Often, texting drivers do not notice that the vehicle in front of them has stopped, resulting in a rear end accident. When these accidents occur, a neck injury or whiplash injury can often result. If a loved one dies in an auto accident caused by another driver, you may have grounds for a wrongful death case.

You may think you have to accept whatever offer an insurance company makes to you after an accident. You may think you don’t have any control over the insurance claims process. Nothing could be further from the truth. At the Slechter Law Firm, we have built our reputation on our ability to level the playing field with insurance companies trying to strong-arm people. They don’t intimidate us.

We’re also not afraid to take on corporations and their teams of lawyers, especially for people dealing with car defects or highway defects. Your case isn’t just about the money. It’s about holding these companies accountable so similar mistakes don’t happen again.

Don’t be a victim. Seek justice. Contact the Slechter Law Firm and schedule a free case evaluation. You have too much at stake to leave your future to chance. And since we work on a contingency fee* basis, you pay us nothing if you don’t win. It’s that simple. To reach us by phone, please call (502) 384-7400 or toll-free at (855) 598-7425.

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